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main fandoms at the moment (2018): Hannibal, Star Wars

main ships: Obikin, Reylo, Hannigram, Snarry, Rumbelle

I love tragic characters and I just want them to be happy ;_;

Interests (149):

"i ship it", agnosticism, albus dumbledore, anakin, anakin skywalker, anakin/obi-wan, anakin/padme, anakin/padme/obi-wan, anakin/padmé, anakin/padmé/obi-wan, anidala, avoiding the real world, ben solo, bisexuality, bojack horseman, bottom snape, bottom!snape, brian molko, brooklyn nine-nine, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, capslock, chaos magick, crack pairings, darth vader, dean winchester, deep space nine, depeche mode, dorama, dragon age, dragons, eileen prince, elim garak, evil queen, fanart, fandom, fanfiction, fanvids, firefly, flawed characters, fluttercord, foreign languages, gaming, garak, garak/bashir, garashir, gnosticism, hannibal, hannibal nbc, hannibal/will, hannigram, harry potter, harry/severus, harry/snape, hatoful boyfriend, hayden christensen, hurt/comfort, interview with the vampire, j-dramas, jedi, jurassic park, kirk/spock, kylo ren, kylo/hux, kylux, lestat de lioncourt, lightsabers, long hair, mads mikkelsen, magick, manips, meditation, michael jackson, multifandom, my little pony, my little pony: friendship is magic, nbc hannibal, neverwinter nights, neverwinter nights 2, nine inch nails, obi-wan kenobi, obi-wan/anakin, obianidala, obikin, odo, odo/kira, once upon a time, ouat, paganism, parseltongue, picard/q, placebo, professor snape, psychology, qcard, ravenclaw, religion, revenge of the sith, reylo, rumbelle, rumpelstiltskin, rumplestiltskin, rupaul's drag race, self discovery, severitus, severus, severus snape, severus/harry, severus/luna, sith, sith!obi-wan, slytherin!harry, snape, snape/harry, snarry, spirituality, spock/kirk, ss/hp, star trek, star trek deep space nine, star trek tos, star trek: deep space nine, star trek: ds9, star wars, star wars prequels, supernatural, swan queen, tarot, the big bang theory, the clone wars, the evil queen, the it crowd, the last jedi, the phantom menace, the sims 2, the vampire chronicles, tumblr, vampire chronicles, vampire the masquerade, vampires, velociraptors, video games, weyoun, will/hannibal, witchcraft, worf, yuri on ice, zetsuai
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